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Coachella weekend Uno

Coachella weekend Uno

Driving down the highway 111 seeing the giant white windmills spinning away, we knew that Coachella was near by. After a long 5 hour car ride filled with great music and a bunch of fruit rollups, we finally made it to our home that we will be staying in for the wild weekend one of Coachella that we have been anticipating for months!


It was Thursday around 4 P.M, throwing our bags straight into our room without unpacking we head right out to the pool for the last few moments of pure California sunlight. Soaking in the rays, Dallas turns into a lobster after an hour of sun #Chicagoskin for ya. 


Night one we decided to be homebodies because from what we have heard, the next 3 days will be long and us girls need our beauty sleep. In bed by 11 P.M...

DAY 1: 

Waking up to Dallas' morning breath RISE AND SHINE it's day 1 of Coachella! Since it is bitter cold back in Chicago and neither of us has seen the light of day (literally there is no sun in Chiberia) we decided to lay by the pool all day...until we got sucked into going to a 1OAK party. Getting dressed for Coachella takes some time and preparation, well we got 40 minutes max. Throwing together our outfits and barely getting our hair done just to ruin it in the Palm Springs heat, we made it out the door with the rest of our crew and into the sprinter van which will take us to and from each location (SHOUT OUT CALVIN). 

Long story short...everyone was able to get into the 1OAK party minus the two of us. Friends inside were trying to work their magic, but for sure got star struck by Tyga, Leonardo, and Chanel Iman. We were on our own now. After a good two hours passed standing in the hot desert, we called everyone we knew and somehow managed to sweet talk the door staff. We were in.

After filling our bellies with free sushi and tequila, we are off to Coachella. We walk into the festival and it... is... PACKED. We watched bands from Radiohead to Travis Scott and danced our booties off. Day 1 of Coachella: success.

DAY 2:

Wake up. Check Instagram and...


Yep that's us. Yep that's Coachella's Insta Story. And yep we're skipping holding hands like little girls about to go on the playground. But it's still cool, right? Even though we never got the official video and had to record a video of the video its still kinda cool...great quality we know. 

We head out to the pool and received the best. surprise ever, massages by the pool (SHOUT OUT JASON). Day 2 has already started off strong and will only get better from here on out. Around 6 pm we headed to the fest to watch our favorites such as, Lorde and Lady Gaga perform. In the back of our heads we cannot stop thinking about the Neon Carnival which is tonight! The most talked about event of the weekend where all the celebrities go to party it up until the sun rises. 

Jumping into our sprinter van we turn the corner and all the sudden we stop moving...we ran out of gas in the middle of a busy intersection! Just our luck. Our friend callan Uber black car and just our luck again...Dallas and I do not fit in it. Now we are STRANDED in the middle of the night, trying to find a ride home while missing the biggest event of the weekend. COME ONNNNNN

After standing on the street for nearly 2 hours we miss the Neon Carnival, but finally make it back to home safe. All this frustration, we end up just going to sleep (I mean, it is 3 A.M anyways).

Day 3:

Happy Easter! Sad because it is the last day of Coachella, but happy because HEY we still have another day. Today we decided to get to the festival early for once and enjoy it will the sun was shining.  


Already drenched in sweat, we are ready for the night. The one and only Kendrick Lamar is performing tonight and it is going to be insane. We have seen Kendrick once before at Austin City Limits, therefore we know that we need to get in that crowd and get crazy!

Overall, Coachella definitely threw some curve balls at us, but that's life for ya. When you are with your best friend you can get through it all. We are very thankful for all of these amazing experiences that we get to partake in, even if they do not always go the way we want them to...we somehow make the best of it!

xx- Nat & Dal