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Thrillist X Maven

Thrillist X Maven

This week I partnered up with Thrillist Magazine (YES!) on an amazing trip with my partner in crime, Dallas! With the help of the Drive Maven car share app, we were able to quickly reserve a car and drive out to the Chicago Botanic Garden and watch the spectacular Solar Eclipse. At times living in Chicago I get sidelined with the daily grind of work and more work. Being able to escape big city living is key to maintaining a healthy and fun lifestyle and is an essential part of a successful work life balance.


Besides the fact that it was SUPER cloudy and Chicago was not located in the direct path of totality, being a part of this moment in history was amazing!

Our next stop on our adventure was to embrace our inner Tarzan at Go Ape USA Tree Top Adventure and Zip Line


If you are scared of heights or simply just not interested in getting a FULL workout, I would advise you not to come here. If you are ready to zip through trees like a flying monkey...this is the place for you.

Dallas and I had the best time ever! Not only was this a great workout, but also was a lot of fun to conquer all the obstacles and swing like Tarzan.

With our stomachs gurgling, it was time for some food. After such a rigorous workout, most people would go for a salad or a protein shake, but I am not that gal. We headed over to Davanti Enoteca for one of the best burgers I have EVER had in my entire life, no joke. It was very hard for me to admit that this burger could possibly be better than the famous Au Cheval, but those words did indeed come out of my mouth.

I highly recommend the Drive Maven car share app to help you conquer your next adventure!

xx- Nat

Coach X Selena

Coach X Selena